How to Plan A Wedding on A Budget

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially if your budget is not that big. I fully understand this since it is our exact situation when we were planning for our wedding over a year ago. We don’t belong to a rich family and our parents can only provide very little amount to support us. My girlfriend at that time and I have both jobs but our salary is only minimum and we had a hard time saving for our wedding.

The good news is that there are some ways to still have a great wedding even if you are  financially-challenged.

Limit your guests

You really don’t have to invite everyone you know. You can just invite the people who are very near to you like your family and very closed friends. I know this can be challenging and we failed in doing it but if you can, it’s a great way to save some money for your wedding

Look for a cheap venue

You don’t have to conduct your wedding in an expensive hotel or something. You can book for a simple restaurant and that will be fine. That’s what we exactly did and it is still good.

Find photographers and videographers you know

Luckily for us, I work as a video editor and I just asked my workmates to shoot our wedding for free. But if you are not working in photo and video industry, you can ask for a friend who can do this job, and you may ask for a discount.

Hire clothes instead of buying them

You can also hire clothes instead of buying them. Find some businesses in your area who are providing weddings attires for hire. This can cut a lot of cost in buying expensive gowns and what not.

Don’t be tempted to borrow money at expensive rates

Although it’s only natural to want a great day, you do not want to be paying for it for months or even years to come. Plan within your budget. Don’t take out a loan just for the sake of having a spectacular day. We have even heard of some people who have resorted to a payday loan firm to pay for their wedding. That really is madness!

Buy silver instead of gold rings

Silver is a lot cheaper than gold rings so you can go for silver instead. The important thing here is, you have rings to use.

Be realistic, make things simple

You have to be realistic with what your budget can do. Don’t dream of having a very luxurious wedding if you can’t afford it. Simple weddings are fine as long as it is planned carefully.

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