About Us

The Frugalrican.com started off life in 2012 as the pet project of a Puerto Rican blogger determined to better explore and get to grips with the world of finance, following the recession and banking crisis.

On the original site he describes his aims in the following way:

As years have gone by, I’ve become passionate about many things, but one thing in particular seems to give me an adrenaline rush every single time it happens… SAVING MONEY.

With time, experience and plenty of mistakes, I’ve grown as a person, not only mentally, but financially as well. As the blog’s title would suggest, I am Puerto Rican AND frugal. It’s not that I’m cheap, but I truly believe that a penny saved is indeed a penny earned, specially in today’s economy. The journey into my thirties has begun and with it, the advent of budgeting and saving money have ushered me into an age of financial responsibility that I never knew existed.

This blog will serve as an outlet for myself and hopefully will become a source of inspiration for others as well as we venture together into this wonderful world of economical knowledge.

I hope to post periodically (more frequently than periodically, I hope) about ways I’ve either saved money, plan to save money, or ways of how others around me have done so. Whether it is about past financial decisions or dreams to come, everything will be fair game within this blog. I hope you enjoy everything about this site and that if you truly do so, you engage others by promoting this page further along the dark alleys of the internet.

Well, things have changed a little with the site. For one we’re not Puerto Rican, but the lessons we can all learn about being more astute – and yes, frugal – with our money, do not recognise any geographical boundaries. We will bring you lots of hints, suggestions and tips about making the most your finances. We are not especially picky, so you can expect to read about subjects like budgeting, money saving tips and even topics like insurance PPI and controversial subjects like payday loans. And we will not be limiting our scope to just personal finance. More and more people are recognising that one way to embrace the future and take control of their destinies is to own and run their own business, so we will also feature business finance matters as well.

And of there is anything you thing we should be covering on the site but have not, just get in touch with your suggestions. We appreciate all feedback