How to Plan A Wedding on A Budget

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially if your budget is not that big. I fully understand this since it is our exact situation when we were planning for our wedding over a year ago. We don’t belong to a rich family and our parents can only provide very little amount to support us. My … Read more

Easy Money Saving Tips

Money: That’s what it’s all about, right? It’s important alright, but man is it hard to deal with sometimes. We’ve put together a list of money-saving tips that we’ve used. Apply some of them to your life and see how much you can save. Let’s get started…… Put yourself on a budget. Contrary to what … Read more

Struggling To Pay Back Your Payday Loan?

Payday loans have become one of the most talked about financial services products of recent times and their use among the general public soars, to the extent that there are those who claim they will one day rival credit cards in popularity. The driver for the growth in popularity of these loans is no doubt … Read more

The Importance Of Cash Flow

In recent weeks turns of events which I will post to you later (due to the fact that there are more twists and turns in these turns of events than a country road and since that road remains incomplete) I have learnt a very important lesson: A very important lesson: cash, cash, cash, cash, cash, … Read more